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Monthly Photo Entry Rules

Monthly entries must originate as photographs made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally. Images from a digital camera or scanned from film taken by the entrant are allowed. No logo or copyright is to appear on the image. Copyrights may be included in the file metadata. 

Image Format  -- Image files must be in jpg file format. Saving your jpg file using sRGB color space standard is recommended for consistent color under the projection conditions used by our club.

Image Size –. Please keep the file size to no more than 750KB. Maximum image width (horizontal) is 1925 pixels. Smaller images are acceptable.  Resolution does not matter unless would make file size greater than 750KB. Resolution of 180 with a jpeg quality of 8-10 works well.

Naming Your Image Files

You will be assigned two member numbers when you join the Women's Photography Club. They are used as follows:

Example: 22,Nature,HiddenFalls.jpeg

A= your member number

B= name of the category

C= title

D= the file extension indicating the format of the file (.jpg) Note- .jpeg will get added automatically when you do save as jpeg.

Commas are used to populate the electronic record keeping system to more easily separate the information.

Entering The Monthly Salon

Members are to submit their digital image entries (jpg files) via email to at least a week before our monthly meeting. 

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